Wireless Smart Blood Pressure Monitor

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The iCheck7 offers smart and fast blood pressure tracking with professional accuracy certified by the European Society of Hypertension. It is easy to put on your wrist and the smart ‘ball in the hole’ system helps guide you to the correct position for taking an accurate reading. Once it has read your blood pressure it colour-codes your results, from green to red, so you can instantly understand your heart health with a single glance at your wrist. It syncs your reading effortlessly with our free Healthy Heart app on your phone or tablet. The app visualises all your blood pressure clearly and simply using charts and graphs. Alongside your blood pressure readings, which are automatically synced to the app, you can also log your sleep, diet, stress and exercise each day to build up a larger picture of your wellbeing. Our app can help you understand the impact of your lifestyle on your blood pressure, and provide you with a realistic picture of your blood pressure to share with your doctor.  This way, you can see a single reading at a glance, and understand the bigger picture of your heart’s health over time, all with just a few clicks.


  • Fast and smart blood pressure monitoring with great ease of use.
  • Instant interpretation of blood pressure reading with the help of colour coded heart symbol, based on WHO guidelines.
  • Easy positioning system which is guiding you to the right positioning via ‘ball in the hole’ system.
  • Soft inflation for best comfort and faster measurement.
  • Syncs effortlessly with Healthy Heart app through Bluetooth connectivity for permanent access to your data: see your trends via charts, averages.
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