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WOOHOODEALS Rewards: This Deal will earn you 25-35 Points worth £0.25-£0.35!
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  • EFFECTIVE ELECTRIC FLY KILLER When the warmer months arrive are quickly inundated with flying bugs and insects Using an ultraviolet (UV) lights the FK8412 fly zapper effectively lures mosquitoes crane flies house flies gnats midges and horse flies then eliminates them with an electric shock Our fly killer machines come in 3 sizes so you can choose the model that is best suited for the size of your room
  • USE STANDING OR HANGING Versatile in design the fly killer can be used freestanding on the floor or on a flat surface it can be converted into a hanging zapper by using the hidden clips on either side of the machine and adding a chain to install it on a wall or from the ceiling Its slimline shape means it will only take up a small amount of space and fit in discretely in your home or office
  • SAFE FOR HOME-USE Designed with family safety in mind the solid metal casing a safety grill that covers the UV bulbs which prevents children poking their fingers or other objects through it The electric grill lies 3 5cm away from the metal outer frame for added safety
  • EASY TO CLEAN Underneath the unit is an integrated collection tray which can be removed as and when you need to clean it out Simply slide it out dispose of the debris and clean it with warm soapy water dry thoroughly before replacing it in the unit


  • Small: 32 x 16 x 9cm
  • Medium: 39 5 x 16 x 9cm
  • Large: 44 x 16 x 9cm
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