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  • 【6 Cleaning Modes】 (1) Auto mode: One touch operation. (2) Turbo mode: increased suction power (3) Spot mode: cleans a spot by turning in a circle. (4) Edge Mode: Intensive cleaning at the corners or edges. (5) FULL GO2: Two complete cleanings, ideal for large apartment. (6) Time Programming: Plan the cleaning without worrying about it. comes with touch screen and remote control. here is the operation video for schedule: goo.gl/sY3RwN.
  • 【1300Pa Suction Power】4 pieces, 2200mAh battery. Cleaning time with extra large 0.9L dust container, 30% larger than others. Air convection from three sides, concentrated on collecting waste . The powerful vacuum motor has a lifetime of up to 5000 hours. Suction force up to 1300Pa, it is very efficient in absorbing the hair of pets, fur, splinters, dust and other types of dirt.
  • 【Mini SUV】PREUP is equipped with two 2.5 cm extra-wide anti-slip wheel for increased resistance of obstacle . With its SUV function, it is able to overcome doorsteps with a height of 1.7 cm and ride on high rug, therefore suitable for most of the household.
  • 【Smart & Secure】Automatic Detection of Dust Area / Fall Protection for Stairs / Anti-Shock Sensors / Automatic Return to Charging Station. In addition to the dust particle filter, HEPA filter filters out mite faeces and particulate matter for extra fresh air. Easy operation with control panel of the device and the remote control to control the cleaning easily.
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