Mini Fitness Stepper


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  • ANTI-SLIP FOOTPLATES: It’s built with anti-slip footplates to keep your feet comfortably and firmly planted in place throughout your workout.
  • BUILT TO LAST: The stepper features a sturdy steel construction to ensure your stepper lasts as long as physically possible.
  • EASILY STORED: The BS1320 is compact and lightweight to allow for easy transportation and storage. Take it anywhere you please and never miss a workout again.
  • TONE YOUR WAIST, LEGS, THIGHS, BUTTOCKS & MORE: The vertical and lateral stepping motion action is great for toning the waist, legs, thighs and buttocks. You can also receive a highly effective upper body workout using the resistance bungee cords.
  • TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: The built in computer monitors and displays; (theoretical) calories burned, scan, strides per minute and time to allow you to keep track of your progress easily and make your journey all the more satisfying.
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