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Intelligent Vacuum Cleaner Robot

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This Smart Sweeping Robot is a new generation robotic vacuum cleaner, controlled by an advanced intelligent program, save your time and effort. It will sweep carpet, hardwood, ceramic tile and marble. The new flat design allows it to go under beds and other places where upright vacuums can’t go to clean dirt dust and pet hair. It supports wet and dry optional, vacuum suction port anti-wrap, intelligent frequency sucktion. Also with four kinds of cleaning mode, automatic cleaning, focus on cleaning, edge cleaning and reservation cleaning, that give you more convenience. Especially with the upgraded TAC crash to cope with various environmental which avoid damaging the machine.

Other features: 3cm super climbing, automatic back-rechargeable, remote control (valid range≤4m), virtual wall detector (makes sure the cleaner work at the designated area), extremely low noise (< 50dB), etc.

Main Features:

1) Powerful Suction Mouth

It can hold dust, debris legumes, seeds shells and other rubbish, so as not to disperse the accumulation of suction, maintain a strong suction effect. Vacuum suction port, no brush, no winding.

2) Updated TAC Smart Sensor

Haier Pathfinder sweepers intelligence to prevent the collision, timely induction sensitive steering and protect furniture from damage.

3) Automatic Backfilled

Automatic backfilled, no worries waste effort to pick it up and charging it!

4) Virtual Wall

Virtual Wall to help you clean the timing area, work within certain limits, in strict accordance with your instructions, to complete the task.

5) Four Kinds of Cleaning Mode

a. Automatic Cleaning: automatic according to the room layout and then plan routes;

b. Focus on Cleaning: concentrate for the cleaning of the room hardest hit;

c. Edge Cleaning: to places welt corner cleaning

d. Reservation Cleaning: regular daily cleaning of the room.

6) Intelligent Frequency, Super Suction

Dust sensing area, 600pa-800pa,  dust hardest hit automatic frequency 800pa dissection.

7) Large Water Tank

Detachable water holes, 180ml water storage tank, for long life.

8) Easy to deal with a variety of environments

a.Confetti debris Cleaning: easy to deal with, every minute of years confetti, potato chips and other debris easy to get!

b.Cigarette butts, ash Cleaning: cigarette butts off a residue, cigarette ash? Haier Pathfinder easy for you to get.

c. Beans, seeds shell Cleaning: oval shell, red beans and other 600-800Pa powerful suction, easy to get all the trash!

9) 3cm Super Climbing

It’s has 3cm super climbing function 25 degrees climbing height, such as the carpet on the marble, which can seeping from the marble to carpet.

10) Oversized Rag

Haier Pathfinder sweepers coverage 500cm², tranditional sweeper was mini mop.

11) Wet and Dry Optional

Independent humidification (180ml capacity, uniform peneration, independent humidification), to change the tranditional wet drag three drawbacks (local humidity, midway frequency water, wet and dry unevenness).

12) 50db low noise mute

When the Haier Pathfinder working also can give you a quiely enviroment to reading! It’s a enjoy life mode!

13) LED Display

LED thermal touch, indicate status at a glance!

14) Double Filtration Dust Box

Swept dust and garbage thoroughly!




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