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Clip-On Pan Strainer

£14.99 £6.99

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They say that a bad workman blames his (or her!) tools, but let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than trying to create a masterpiece meal, or even just a fry-up, with kitchen utensils that can’t take the heat! Toss your crummy kit and replace it with this awesome strainer.

Take the hassle of pulling out a grossly over sized colander and simply clip this on to any pot, pan or skillet! Drain away your want-away liquid and leave your yummy food behind. Smart!



  • Spruce up your cooking with an expandable kitchen strainer!
  • The perfect gadget for any food fanatic.
  • Clips on to pots and pans of a huge array of sizes.
  • Simply expand and attach.
  • With a versatile fit-flex design.
  • Makes removing liquid an absolute dream!


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