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Digital Therapy Acupuncture Pain Relief

£29.99 £9.99

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Usually, we all go through life actively trying to avoid running electric currents through our bodies. Anybody who wee’d on an electric fence when they were younger will attest to that. But TENS is taking the home therapy world by storm. By running gentle electric currents through your body to stimulate muscles, you can give yourself a regenerating massage from the inside out.

– Alleviates back pains, shoulder pains, muscle pains etc
– Efficiently relax you from stress and tiredness, full-body massager!!
– Lightweight, small and easy to keep in bag and carry around
– Suitable for daily use, travelling or business trip
– Great gift for yourself, family members and friends
– Power Supply: 3 x AAA batteries (included)
– Approx. Size: 154x65x15mm

Package includes:
1 x Digital therapy machine
1 x 4 way electrode wire
4 x Pads
8 Mode selection

Perfect for:
– Acupuncture
– Stroke
– Massage
– Cupping
– Manipulation
– Scraping
– Weight Reducing
– Immune Therapy



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