Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Improved design: This system also features an infrared sensor that prevents from jamming or overflowing, and that stops the device from dispensing when food is still left in the bowl (compared to many other feeders on the market which may get jammed and can’t dispense food sometimes, shapes of your kibble can’t exceed over 0.39″x0.39″)
  • Care for your pet’s health: It allows you to feed pets at regular time from now, you can distribute the different amount of food for each meal, re-designed the switch of top cover can prevent from your pets clawing out more food even though they’re greedy, and stop pets from overeating, controlling their weight and giving them a healthy life.
  • Easy to use and many features: Up to 4 meals/day, food portion control, timed dispense, voice message call pets for a meal, easy to clean, removable food tray, double power(internal battery + plug-in power)
  • Customize Amount of Food:Friendly control panel,you can customize the different or the same amount of food on each meal, even dispense a minimal amount of kibbles at any given time e.g. about half 1/10 cup=2 tbsp or 5 grams(it’s up to food size) during each feeding time. With this, you can be sure your pets won’t be overfed. Perfect for small and medium dogs and cats.
  • Big capacity: A larger(6.5-liter capacity, about 28 Cups)feeder means to hold more food at a time, so you won’t have to refill it now and then, it should be able to hold and dispense a suitable amount of food if you have multiple pets.
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