Achromatic Objectives LED Microscope

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  • 5 Magnification and 360 Degree Rotatable objective: 40x, 100x, 250x, 400x, 1000x, 5 different magnification can show different world Microbial world. You can rotate your objective to observe the specimen, this design provides omnidirectional observation experience.
  • Two LED Light Sources – Both the top and bottom of the microscope have LED lights. A biological microscope with two light sources provides more light than a microscope with a single light source, so it is ideal for viewing thick specimens such as roots, stems, leaves, and fungi.
  • Comes with Accessories – Mobile phone holder, 5 biological slice samples (double twenty-two leaf stems, onion skin, housefly claws, pine trees, cotton stems), 5 slides, 10 coverslips. Note: The slide is fragile, please use it with care.
  • Mobile Phone Holder: You can record the fantastic moment by your phone and share it with your friends or family, the microscope can not only rise the interests of your children but also can make your relationship be closer.
  • Biological Learning Tools – Suitable for children and adolescents, to increase children’s interest in learning, to help children explore the brilliance of nature, biology, and science, but also an important tool for children to learn nature and biology courses in primary and secondary schools
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