50ft Garden Flat Hose and Spray Nozzle


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This 50-foot hose means you should have no trouble reaching every corner of your garden. What’s more, it’s not a solid circular tube-like most designs, prone to blockages when tangled or bent – it’s made from a material weave so it flattens out when no water is flowing, making it easy to store. The hose comes complete with a wind-up reel and stands with a carry handle, so the whole thing can be picked up and moved anywhere with ease! It even has a spray nozzle with seven different settings for all your water spraying requirements. Don’t leave your garden high and dry!


  • Get a 50ft flat garden hose.
  • Features a spray nozzle with seven different settings!
  • Settings include mist, spray, shower, cone, vertical, center, flat and full.
  • Built-in stand, reel and carry handle for easy storage and use.
  • The perfect tool for keeping your garden fresh, whatever the weather.
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