5″ Car GPS Navigation System with SpeedCam


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Remember the days when dad would stubbornly not ask for directions, relying only on his wiles and a crumpled AA road atlas to arrive six hours later than scheduled at his destination? It took a nifty gadget to set him straight, and since then those gadgets have been getting niftier and niftier, as you’ll see with today’s WooHooDeal…

Today we’re offering you a 5″ touchscreen sat-nav system. Featuring a multimedia player with video, audio and image functions, this handy device will keep you on the straight and narrow. And with a build-in FM radio, this really is the fully dad-proof package.


Specifics :

– Speed detection & alert when exceeding speed
– Multiple Searching Options: By postcode, an address, part of an address, category, points of interests (POIs), favourite destinations, or history.
– HD Compatible: Watch your videos in HD quality
– FM broadcast: Broadcast voice, music and video from your GPS.
– Free Update of Maps
– Free Games
– MP3 Player
– eBook Functionality
– 3D functionality

–¬†UK and EU Maps