2″ LCD Screen Wildlife Camera 16MP


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  • HIGH-QUALITY HD IMAGES&VIDEOS 16MP resolution and FULL HD 1080P video automatic day/night sensors ensure clear and realistic images and details every time. Colorful photos taken during the day (black and white photos at night). High-definition images and videos provide the detailed information you need to keep the track right when you’re ready to hunt.
  • ULTRA-FAST TRIGGER SPEED The trigger speed of the central PIR sensor is significantly faster, and reaches 0.5s (compared to 1s). Faster recovery time make each detected action be recorded in real time and guaranteed not to miss any shots.
  • INFRARED THERMAL SENSING TECHNOLOGY Fully automatic infrared sensing and 26PCS 940nm infrared LEDs will not produce bright light at night or scare away animals when taking pictures. Infrared sensing extends the detectable distance of the night.
  • UPGRADE IP66 WATERPROOF+DUSTPROOF Improved structure ensures strong waterproof and dust-proof performance, prevents atomising lenses, while minimizing condensation and ensuring the quality of field monitoring. It can also be in good condition in bad weather and conditions. Adjustable PIR spacing, PIR sensitivity and infrared brightness are available for any work environment.
  • EASY TO OPERATE+MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS Ideal for outdoor hunting, property safety, wildlife monitoring and reconnaissance, farm security. The color LCD allows you to easily set up the camera and view photos instantly; mark the date, time and temperature of the photo (optional °F/°C); time lapse function; operate from an external power source; secure password for unauthorized use.
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