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RC Air Swimmer Shark

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Evolved Air Swimmers emerge from Davy Jones’ Locker and enter living rooms, bedrooms and bathroom showrooms as manoeuvred by an infrared remote control. Nylon skinned sea creatures are first injected with helium for lift and fed with nutritious battery diets to perform various tricks like climbing, descending, 360 degree turning movement and play dead. Tail fins swish in life-like movement with variable flapping rates, motion range and direction, tilting bodies and creating temporary delusions of aquarium visits. Unless stubborn to believe that ‘if you love it, you have to set it free’, Air Swimmers should only be released indoors as its specific breed permits ease of control even in small spaces.

Specifics :

  • Design: Shark  
  • Dimensions: 36in (H) X 57in (L) 
  • Nylon material balloon Air Swimmer stays inflated for up to 3 weeks 
  • Includes infrared remote control up to 40ft range
  • Movements: Climb, descend, tail fin control, 360 degree movement 
  • Battery requirements: 1 AAA battery (Air Swimmer) / 3 AAA batteries (remote control) 
  • Suitable for indoor play only


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