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Abdominal Exercise Machine

£69.99 £32.00

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The Ab Rocket Crunch Twist Trainer is the perfect home use Abdominal Trainer for toning conditioning and strengthening core ab muscles. It comes with an optional twist core workout that will intensify your workout and target lower abs mid abs & obliques.

Abdominal Crunch twist trainer offers 3 resistance levels to ensure you get the right Abdominal crunch workout. Back rests with padded rolling support cushions that pivot with your body eliminate back and neck strain. Enjoy a fantastic abdominal crunch workout with the  Ab Crunch Twist Trainer.

This abdominal workout machine will work and tone your upper abs lower abs internal and external obliques. Unlock the ab twist and target your full core providing flexibility and building cored abdominal strength.

Product Features:

  • Maxstrength Ab Rocket Twister calories burning
  • This durable product is suited for both men and women
  • Cushion rolls while you rock
  • Supports back and neck
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Compact & easily folds up
  • Works in conjunction with an exercise & diet plan



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