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Weed Burner with 4 Gas Canisters

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Weed Wand & 4 Gas Canisters

Without the need for toxic chemicals, this garden torch blasts the plants with intensive heat that instantly destroys the weeds’ internal cell structures causing them to wither and die within 1-2 days. It leaves the garden completely safe for children and animals immediately after use.


Specifics :
It’s environmentally friendly. Using heat to zap the weeds, and they don’t grow back.
All you do is apply a quick belt of heat to the weeds.
Easy and safe operation
Unique cylinder locking to prevent leakage
Ergonomic handle design
Environmentally friendly; no hazardous chemicals
Cordless; lightweight
Adjustable flame, economical to use
Heat blast permanently destroys plant cell structure
Uses marko branded gas canisters
Ideal for de-icing pavements, de-freezing brass water pipes and lighting BBQ grills



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