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Genuine Solid Natural Granite Pestle and Mortar Set

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Beautiful and Durable

The Pestle and Mortar is the perfect accompaniment for any kitchen. This iconic piece, made from solid granite, looks fantastic and will easily impress friends and relatives.
The toughness of granite is due to the interlocking crystal structure as it cools from melt, making it amongst the hardest of rocks. This makes the pestle and mortar very durable and makes it the best way to grind both hard and soft ingredients.
Create Delicious Dishes
The time for buying pre-made and pre-packaged, pastes, pestos and dressings is over! The pestle and mortar allows you to grind the freshest of herbs to create the most fragrant of pestos; and the toughest of seeds and spices to create the most aromatic of curry pastes. Making your dishes from scratch will take them to the next level and impress all your friends and family!
Height 10cm
Diameter: 14cm

Specifics :

  • Solid 100% Granite Pestle and Mortar
  • Perfect for crushing and grinding herbs and spices
  • Best way to create your own curry pastes, pestos and dressings
  • Tough and durable
  • Ideal as a gift. Perhaps for a wedding or housewarming


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