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5KG High Precision Kitchen Scale

£24.99 £13.99

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When you’re a busy cook, anything that makes life easier has to be a boon in the kitchen. These Digital Scales are a case in point.
The compact size means they don’t take up much space on the counter top and can be easily stowed in a cupboard when not in use. The cleverly designed format means you can weigh solids or liquids with minimum fuss, before lifting out the bowl to wash and store.
Weighing ingredients is a breeze. The tare function means you can put one set of ingredients in the bowl and then reset the scale before adding other items -without emptying and re-starting the process. You’ll soon notice that the precision weighing means you get the very best results from your baking, especially when accuracy makes the difference between success and failure!
The scale’s advanced sensor technology ensures a quick and reliable reading – a far cry from old-fashioned manual scales which can be notoriously inaccurate. The digital kitchen scale instantly weighs up to 5kg (11lbs) at a time – usually more than enough to accommodate the ingredients for cakes, bread or pastries.
The scales run off standard 2 x AAA batteries and have an auto-off function so you don’t need to worry about wasted energy. Switch instantly between metric and imperial measurements and read the results easily and clearly from the backlit LCD display.
• 5kg capacity in a compact counter-top format
• Highly precise results for bulk and liquid weighing – Metric and imperial unit options
• Removable bowl for the ultimate convenience – weigh, wash and store!
• Equipped with tare function, low battery/over-load indication and auto-off. Runs on 2 standard x AAA batteries


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