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Electric Foot Warmer

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You know what it’s like to get home in the dark at 6 to a cold house, slump on the sofa with a blanket and start flicking through the channels. There’s one part of the body we often forget to pamper, and if you’re like me, and your feet feel like lumps of ice poking out from the throw, then we have the perfect product for you. This electric foot warmer gently warms your legs and provides an optional stimulating massage to bring feeling back to your extremities. It plugs into the mains and comes with a wired remote control for convenience of use. Just imagine how this new level of snugness could transform your winter evenings… choose from black or beige and you’re on your way!

Specifics :

  • Get an electric foot warmer.
  • Brings feeling back to numb feet.
  • Plugs into the mains and comes with a wired controller to operate.





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