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30-Day Supply* of Tummy Slim Patches

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If you’re looking for a way to assist your war against wobble then today’s deal might just be your weapon! Discreet, comfortable and simple to use, this 30-day supply* of magnetic ‘slimming’ patches are designed to aid you in your fight against the flab. All you have to do is stick a patch on to your tummy for 12 hours a day and get on with your daily tasks, be it work, shopping or exercise! Simply apply as follows…

  • Clean the skin surrounding the navel using a warm towel
  • Remove the patch from the packaging and the paper covering the magnetic ‘slimming’ patch
  • Apply the patch to your navel
  • Leave the patch to work for 12 hours
  • Remove the patch and clean the area
  • Continue to use the patches for 30 days or until you’ve achieved your desired result


Specifics :

  • Get your hands on a 30-day supply* of magnetic ‘slimming’ tummy patches.
  • Give your health regimen a boost.
  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Quick and simple to apply – you’ll barely notice it’s even there!
  • Fabulous when used alongside a healthy workout and diet regimen.
  • Stick one on for 12 hours each day.


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