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Wireless WiFi CCTV Camera

£100.00 £26.99

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Watch your home or office from wherever you are with a Wireless Wifi Network Security Camera with live view via your iPhone, iPad, smart phone or your computer. 

When mama is at work, Fido will play. Solve the mystery of who keeps getting into that big bag of beef jerky and have the peace of mind that comes from staying informed with a Wireless IP Network Security Camera. Set it up to watch your home while you’re away and keep an eye on pets, babysitters, and anything else that needs monitoring.

This advanced camera can connect to your wireless router and record straight to your computer’s hard drive. The built-in chip enables features such as recording triggered by motion detection, email alerts, and remote access from popular web browsers. With 10 built-in LEDs, this camera can capture video in night vision mode up to 30 feet away.


Specifics :

Live and remote surveillance of your place, wherever you are (at work, on holidays…)

Motion sensor , When the camera detects a security failure through any kind of movement, the camera starts recording automatically and sends an email alert on your cell phone or your computer.

Up to 9 cameras can be connected together for greater security. The user interface can display up to 9 screens in the form of a grid.

Suitable for mobiles / tablets / PC / MAC
These cameras can be operated with all kinds of computer and with most browsers, with different parameters. Transform your regular screen into a real video surveillance hub with automated alarm.

High Quality interactive sound and image
This camera may be small, but it offers an excellent video quality with a VGA resolution of 25 frames per second, MJPEG-N compression.

Large surveillance area
The device has directional/zoom functions that allow you to remotely control the camera’s field of vision. This allows you to cover a wider surveillance zone than with a regular fixed camera.

Night vision with infrared LED
The camera is also equipped with infrared LED night vision which optimises the image quality even when the lights are low.

Bidirectional audio communication
The bidirectional audio function gives you the possibility of listening and, if necessary, to communicate with the camera’s environment.

Built-in internet server
The camera is equipped with its own built-in internet server. This allows you to display a live video flow, from the device to your internet browser, wherever you are in the world; a very useful function when you are not on site.


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