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Smartphone Screen Magnifier

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Movie buffs, who love to watch films on mobile phones, are going to be delighted to see this amazing Phone Screen Magnifier. This screen amplifier enlarges the phone screen for you and will give the HD quality as well. Now, no need to set your phones on bed or table to watch movies.

This screen magnifier is also a good purchase for those who are night movie watchers. Now, no need to worry about your phone falling on your face!

With this Mobile Phone Screen Enlarger, the screen can be magnified 3 times with a clear and vivid picture. It is suitable for all kinds of mobile phones and can be used on all various occasions like indoor gatherings, camping, journey, leisure etc.

This energy saving and environmentally friendly product help you to reduce the eyes fatigue that causes while watching movies from your phone. The closeness of the mobile’s screen to your eyes is harmful, but this portable screen magnifier will ease that pain.

The phone screen amplifier is available in two types — Silicone stand and Wooden stand. Both of them are of brand new and high quality. These won’t slip or skid on any surface and you can enjoy your movie time with no disturbance.

It is easy to use. Silicone screen magnifier is available in two colours, while the wooden one is in three colours. The wooden screen amplifier is also foldable like silicone stand and enlarges picture 4 to 6 times on the screen.


  • High Definition Optical Technology used to enlarge pictures on the screen
  • New and High Quality
  • Available in Silicone and Wooden Types
  • Provides Clear and Vivid Picture
  • Suits All kinds of mobile phones
  • Foldable Design
  • Portable, Easy To Use
  • Light-Weight, Anti-Broken
  • Anti-Skid and Anti-Slip
  • Protects Eyes
  • Easy to use with loudspeaker box
  • Anti UV, radiation protection
  • Adjustable point of view



  • Materials: Eco-Friendly TPU + Wood
  • Colour: Coffee, Gold, White (optional)
  • Screen Size: 12 inches
  • Size: Approx. 26 * 19 cm / 10.6 * 6.3 inches
  • Screen film size: 25.2 * 13 cm / 10 * 5.1 inches
  • Packing Weight: 235g

White, Dark Brown, Gold


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