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Mini Pocket 1080p Camera

£69.99 £19.99

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Ultra-small in size, lightweight, and portable, the camera conveniently clips on to backpacks, belts, walls, ceilings, under countertops, and various other discrete locations. This device has the Highest Photopic Luminance Sensitivity integrated PIR motion sensor for its size. Triggered by motion, this camera  automatically records motion in a 130-degree fan radius with a detection range of 30 feet, a rare quality in cameras this small. camera 2.0 provides excellent audio, and video quality at a respectable 1920×1080 resolution.


Long Range Motion Sensor The Highest Photopic Luminance Sensitivity integrated PIR motion sensor with a 30 foot reach, making it much more effective than the average 5-15 foot range of most motion sensors of today.   

Custom Lithium-Ion Equipped with a rechargeable custom long-lasting lithium battery allowing up to 4 days of motion detection recording.

Watermarked For that damning proof we’ve watermarked the video footage with a time and date to ironclad your evidence.   

Quality Video This camera provides viable audio, and worthy video quality for its size at 1920×1080 et 720×480 resolution.   

Common Memory Simple and quite common MicroSD memory cards can be used, standard class 2 or class 4 MicroSD memory sizes 2GB – 128GB are recommended.   

Ease of Use Power Up, Enable Motion Detection, Done… You’re now recording any movement, it’s that simple.



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