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LED Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Let the SAVFY® Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock wake you up gently and get prepared for a new day!
1.30 minutes before your alarm time, the sunrise simulation light will gradually brighten from 1% of brightness to 100% and gently bring you out of deep sleep.
2.This Wake-up Light has 6 natural sounds such as forest, birds, waves and so on, which let you revel in the sounds and smells of the nature. As well as 1 FM radio. can select 5 colors (warn light,green, red, blue and purple)for personal preferences. it also can be used as a table lamp with 4 brightness settings in warn light mode to protect your eyes
4. the alarm clock simulated sunrise lights up, wake you up gradually, sweet baby sleep. you can set 6 kinds of natural sound or set fm radio alarm. with radio you can enjoy the radio show
5.By AAA batteries (batteries not included) or USB slots in your computer, there is no light function.
Alarm Clock Setting
“Press DOWN button to turn the alarm on/off. Note: The alarm symbol appears/disappears on the screen when switch on/off the alarm.
Set the alarm according to the instruction.”
Sunrise Simulation Wake-up Light and Alarm Clock
“30 min before set time, the white light will be on from 1% of the brightness to 100%. (You can turn off the light by long press the circle for 3 sec, but the alarm sound will still play at set time.)
10 min before set time, the alarm sound plays with 50% of the volume for 1 min, while at set time, it will play with 100% of the volume for 10 min. (You can turn off the sound by pressing any buttons.)
It comes with white light and the alarm sound at the set time; you can turn off them both by long pressing “circle” button for 3 sec.”
FM Radio
“The FM Antenna is built to receive signal for radio. Just place it beside the light and DO NOT cut it off.
Press Radio button to turn on/off the radio, long press it again to scan the channels, they will be saved automatically.
Press UP/DOWN buttons to select the channel. Long press them to set the volume level (0-15).”


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