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Apple Watch Magnetic Power Bank Charger

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1. 3 in 1: Can be used as charging dock, portable charger, cable storage box.
2.Intelligent mode:
Bedside mode: When stand is charging, press the button to turn on and off
Power mode: When no input, use the button to start charging. Avoid misuse, automatic shutdown after watch with 100% charged
3.Intelligent recognition:
Power mode: When the user takes the watch, power indicator will off after 5 seconds. Power output will off after 30 seconds. Could be charged again if user put the watch back to the holder within 30 seconds
4.Smart shutdown: When the watch is 100% charged, the power will continue to charge with ultra-small current(accurate to 1mA). Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes.
5. Wrap up your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable (NOT Included) to its internal winder to turn it into an Apple Watch charging dock/Cradle (for both 38mm & 42mm Apple Watch).
6. Built-in 1500 mAh Li-ion battery pack, fully charged (0%-100%) Apple Watch 3 times! Connect the dock to a Lightning cable (Not Included) to juice up the battery pack and your Apple Watch.
7. Crafted for maximum efficiency and safety, multiple safeguards protection against overcurrent, overheat, short circuit; the whole charging process is totally safe and efficient.

The Handy Home for Your Apple Watch and Cable
Archeer made this simple yet secure base for your Apple Watch and magnetic charging cable. Made from weighted zinc alloy with a non-slip silicone base, it anchors your watch and cable in place, preventing them from dropping to the floor when charging.

Assemble in a Second
Precision engineered without grooves for wrapping up cable, your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable fits securely around the winder, creating a simple but stylish home for your Apple Watch and cable.

Charging at Home/On the Go
Archeer Apple Watch Charger lets your Apple Watch take center stage. It’s silicone base and stylish hard anodized finish makes a minimalist interior on your desk or nightstand, with or without your watch attached.
It also features a 1500 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery that transforms into an emergency external battery pack to juice up your draining Apple Watch.

Dock Your Watch and Cable
Even if the Apple Watch is charged inductively with a magnetic charging pad. The fumbling cord is something annoyed that must be taken into consideration when tidying up your room. Archeer Apple Watch Charger/Cradle helps to secure your cable and Apple Watch in place when charging while allowing the screen to remain accessible for checking messages and using apps.

Compatible with Most Apple Watch Straps

Simply unbuckle your watch and magnetically connect it to Archeer Apple Watch Charger to begin charging. It is compatible with all 38mm & 42mm Apple Watch models and most strap styles and sizes, excluding Milanese Loop and Link bracelet which needs to be unclipped before attaching.

Black, Silver


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