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High Performance Laptop Cooler Fan

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If you’re worried that your laptop gets continuously over heated then this high-performance laptop cooler fan is the perfect solution for you.


  • The higher the temperature, the faster the fan speed, temperature decreases, the fan speed slows down. Similar automatic navigation technology to protect your laptop
  • Flanking aluminium alloy elements, aluminium thermal conductivity is 500 times that of ordinary plastic, by optimizing the structure, stronger cooling.
  • Traditional radiator, fan speed is higher, the greater the noise. Through research and innovation, we are in a reasonable position, configured for the proportion of absorbent cotton, very good to reduce noise.
  • Innovative design, turbo fan and shell integration design, reducing size and height, so that the products smaller and thinner stronger.
  • Heritage of the game of ice magic 3 lineage, the design is more delicate, more intelligent performance. Cool appearance, performance excellence.




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