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Flexible DC Camera Tripod

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The flexible octopus tripod is the perfect companion for all photographers, of all levels of experience, that want to be able to take beautiful pictures in all conditions and on any surface. It can support cameras weighing up to around 1kg when positioned vertically. When wrapped around an object on a horizontal plane it can support cameras up to around 500g.

This great little piece of kit is completely flexible and versatile, it simply fastens securely to your camera or smartphone in a matter of seconds and can then be entwined around almost any surface to give you amazing shots in any situation! Featuring 27 flexible leg joints that bend and rotate in all directions so you can wrap it securely to or on just about anything!

Hang from branches of a tree, sit on top of narrow benches, or wrap around fences and railings – this flexible tripod is a must-have for all photographers that want that perfect shot without the fuss. 

This package includes a smartphone tripod adapter mount for your smartphone. It extends up to around 85mm! This fits nearly all smartphones on the market, including the large iPhone 6+ and 6s+ and the Samsung Galaxy Note series.

Also included in this all in one package is a bluetooth shutter remote button. This remote allows you to pair with your smartphone and wirelessly control your smartphones camera. It is suitable for all Android and Apple devices.


Package includes :

1 x Flexible Tripod ( Compatible with digital cameras)

1 x iPhone / Android Phones Holder

1 x iPhone/Android remote Shutter



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