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Car Parking Sensor Kit

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Are you the kind of driver whose three-point turns usually add up to fifty point turns? Then don’t let your car bear the brunt of your lack of confidence, get a helping hand with a wireless car parking sensors kit. Easy to install yourself or at the garage, pop them on the back of your car and they’ll start up whenever the engine is on. When you’re within 2½ metres of an object, through a combination of proximity prompted beeps, a green, yellow and red light indicator, and a precise distance counter, you’ll be well aware of just how far away you are. This helps you to avoid turning your head 180 degrees, getting out of the car and any nasty surprises when you’re out on the road!


Specifics :

  • Get a wireless car parking sensors kit.
  • Green, yellow and red indicating obstacles and distance, beeps become more rapid as you get closer.
  • Radar system starts with the engine.
  • Obstacle position and distance shows on LED screen.
  • Four sensors with 2½-metre lead.
  • Easy to install in the rear of the car!





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