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4in1 Car Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor

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There’s nothing worse than trying to start up your car and finding the battery’s flat. However, it’s much easier to get started these days than it used to be – no longer do you need a friend’s engine and a pair of jump leads, instead you simply need your own super-powered charger.

This car battery jump starter offers either a starting boost of 400A or a peak boost of 900A and will ensure your battery gets going again. The product also includes an air pressure output of 260psi and includes a pressure gauge for you to monitor. It features a convenient built-in work/emergency light and has a 12Ah internal battery, which ensures that it stays fully charged so able to charge up your car’s battery. Before using this unit you need to ensure its battery is fully charged for 8-10 hours before storing it safely in your boot or keeping it to hand in case of emergencies with your car.

The  Jump Starter & Air Compressor provides a sustained boost of 400A with a peak boost of 900A. It has a maximum air pressure output of 260psi and comes complete with a pressure gauge. The size of vehicle the jump starter can start varies depending on the existing charge in the vehicle’s battery. As an approximate guide the product should support petrol engines up to 2200cc and diesel engines up to 2000cc.


Specifics :


  • Car Battery Jump Starter with Air Compressor
  • 900A 12V heavy duty design
  • Offers either 400A starting boost or peak 900A boost
  • Built in work/emergency light





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