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10 Pack Anti-Bird Spikes

£24.99 £9.99

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No matter how much of an animal-lover you are, our fluffy (or feathered) friends can wreak havoc on a nicely tended garden. Bird droppings, ruined vegetable patches and harassed chickens are just a few of the problems we have to face from trespassing animals. If only there were some way to stop them… Well, now there is! All you need to do is install strips of these handy spikes on top of the walls or fences surrounding your property and you’ll be protected from pesky pests. Made from weather-resistant polypropylene, the spikes are designed to cause maximum discomfort with minimum harm, meaning birds, foxes, cats and the like will be suitably (and safely) deterred. Each strip measures 50cm long, so you can pick your pack depending on how much ground you want to cover. Brilliant!



  • Get a pack of fence/wall anti-bird spikes.
  • 10-pack (measuring 5m in total)
  • Prevents pesky intruders getting into your garden, including birds, cats and foxes.
  • Simply attach onto the top of a wall or fence using screws or nails (not included).
  • Made from weather-resistant plastic.
  • Keeps your garden looking spic and span!


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