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Today's Deal: Genuine 925 Sterling Silver Charms for Pandora Bracelets Starting from £10

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Genuine 925 Sterling silver Charms
Fits all Pandora and Chamilia Bracelets 

Options available :

Heart Charm / Tiny Gold Heart

Happy Valentine Book Charm

Pink Hearts Charm

Silver Hearts Charm

Daisy Flowers Charm

Hollow Flower Charm

The Fine Print

Expires on the 31st of January.
No Buying Limitation, Also can be purchased as a gift.
Allow 3 working days for Delivery from the end of the Deal.
No need to redeem your voucher from the Merchant's website.
Please specify your delivery address in the checkout page.
£3.99 Delivery cost is not included.
This item is available to Purchase with Google Checkout or Bank Cards Only.
UK Delivery Only.
For more information about this deal please see the description or contact us here.

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Sometimes it's difficult to picture what your perfect charm bracelet should look like.  What bead pairs with what charm?  What type of chain bracelet should you have?  How many charms should you have on your bracelet?  Take a look at this charms and others in our store to get some ideas for a completed Bracelet look that's right for you.  All these finished charms pictured can be used as a starting point for you to build your own charm bracelet. 

These Charms are  crafted from sterling silver by the company’s skilled craftsmen and featuring a sleek style designs.


Today's Offers :

Heart Charm / Tiny Gold Heart : Price £20

Happy Valentine Book Charm : Price £20

Pink Hearts Charm : Prince £20

Silver Hearts Charm : £10

Daisy Flowers Charm : £10

Hollow Flower Charm : £10

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